sonntag stein

Shelter’s design in Sonntag Stein is an author’s proposal enriching small village in Vorarlberg region in Austria with a place for stopping for a while, meeting with others or contemplating. My goal is to construct a place for resting during the way, not a destination itself. Its form is not only interfering with area’s harmony but even intertwines with the landscape intensifying its characteristics. I try to learn the lesson from F.L. Wright’s words: „If you put a house on top of a mountain you lose the mountain.” The best solution is putting a house in a place where it becomes a piece of the landscape, instead of being an intruder it becomes an organic motif integrated with the area. The programme of designed objects is simple what results in simple, in both form and function, architecture. By placing shelters on the way leading from aerial tramway to the Echowand wall, I want to offer an unpretentious place, where people can hide from rain, snow or wind. So that we can enjoy a smell of forest, undergrowth, rain without thinking of wet clothes while listening to falling drops. I want the shelter’s architecture to be real. Built with a local matter and by local building techniques fitting in the landscape without interfering with the mountain and forest’s lines. It’s not supposed to be everlasting. After some time it disappears leaving the environment without
any harm. Shelter consists of four independent
construction elements. Three screens and the rest of wooden elements are constructed with local tree – larch.
Larch is one of the most humidity, fire, fungus and atmospheric conditions resistant tree in Europe. It also has natural anti-oxidants, what results in a great influence on human body. It needs no impregnation nor painting, because of time and water influence it changes slowly it’s colour to deep black. Openwork construction of screens makes wind goes through without treating it as an obstacle. Tickled boards vibrate and create gentle sounds telling about the matter of wooden structure. Behind the central, highest screen is a wooden construction without one of the four walls what allows entering. Coarse, at the first impression inaccessible building constructed with solid barks makes a visitor feel safe. Entrance is articulated with a gently sculpted block. Tiny vestibule stops the wind from getting inside. Walking trough entrance zone to the main part of the shelter, we go from the dark claustrophobic room into the space fulfilled with the light and emptiness. Long, consistent construction of passage ends with a wide opening that makes a person look into the sky. By getting closer to the opening, flat so far floor, crumples, at the same time making a natural place to sit. Buildings shape becomes a window frame that clarifies the surrounding leaving only the moisture forming the clouds.

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